Irazema Nuño

Service offered by Unleashed Drivers S.A

Our Service

We offer a profesional service of online coaching by regressive hypnosis sessions for our clientes. All the purchases are guided and asisted by our tutors.

Once you are eligable for the session, a tutor will be asigned to you. He/she will explain in detail how the service works. He/she will create you an online account and send you the details. The credentials are personal and non transferable. If our tutor detects any misuse of the credentials, our staff members have the right to disable the account without prior notification.
In case you agree with these terms, you will be direct to the calendar where you can use these credentials to log into the system to select a date within the specific date selection.
Once this process is done you will need to fill in a simple form. From there you will be redirected to our payment gateway where you can purchase your selected timeslot.

24 hours prior to the day of the session an e-mail will be sent as a friendly reminder.
Feel free to contact your tutor at any time for any doubts. Please be informed that you will never be alone, nor during the purchase or during the session (1.30 min session aprox)